Tampa police shooting: Cortnee Brantley released from police custody

8:53 AM, Jun 30, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Tuesday afternoon, police pulled the maroon-colored Toyota Camry from the Bristol Bay apartments on 50th Street. Hours earlier, detectives say the car had been pulled over. The traffic stop ended with the deaths of two Tampa police officers. 

The car was spotted before 9:00 am and police immediately set up a square block, heavily-armed perimeter.

"They actually lived there... she did, at least, until a short time ago," said Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor.

Just before noon, lawmen descended on the complex: two armored personnel carriers, a long line of marked and unmarked police vehicles as well as half a dozen fire-rescue units.

Ernesto Alfau, who lives in the building next door, says police searched units -- including his own -- looking for the suspects.

"They searched everything, the closets, bathrooms. Under the bed. It's crazy," he said.

The tactical unit surrounded apartment 202 and less than an hour later took 22-year-old Cortnee Brantley into custody without incident.

"Detectives are questioning her at this moment," said chief Castor.

They hoped to learn more from Brantley about the suspected shooter, 24-year-old Dontae Morris.

Around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday night, Chief Jane Castor, said Brantley was released. She is not being charged in the double shooting. Chief Castor says, "We can't give out our tactical details but she could be charged down the road."

10 Connects has learned form officials in Jacksonville that Morris has a string of cocaine arrests on his record, dating back seven years. He most recently got out of prison three months ago, they say.

The longer Morris remains at large, the more frustrated police become and the more nervous people who live and work in this area become.

"I mean, if you shoot a cop, you'll shoot anybody," says Jesus Olmeda, a mechanic at nearby Costa Motor Works. "And I don't feel like getting shot."

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Eric Glasser, 10 Connects

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