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Crime Stoppers: Man wearing black sweatshirt terrorizes Seffner businesses

8:37 PM, Apr 23, 2010   |    comments
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Seffner, Florida - He always wears the same thing and strikes at the same time.

A man wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt is terrorizing people in Seffner at gunpoint late at night. He started in late March and committed his most recent crime on April 8th.

So, who is this guy?

No one seems to know, but when they see him coming, they're terrified.

With his gun in hand, he's seen all over surveillance walking around and then pointing the weapon at the clerk.

Hillsborough Sheriff's department spokeswoman Debbie Carter tells us, "His physical appearance is tough to get because other than a black male, other than a hooded sweater that he's wearing. He's leaning forward, keeping his head down."

He keeps his head down, but his actions speak loudly.

That could be the key to catching this mystery man in Seffner.

"Surveillance videos are wonderul in the sense that, all the time, that even if you can't see the face, if it's someone who knows that person, they'll pick up mannerisms. They'll pick up how they act or how they walk in," Carter says.

He's hit three places so far: The Seffner Food Mart, the Subway sandwich shop - both on Martin Luther King Boulevard - and a Chevron gas station on Highway 92.

Carter says surveillance could get this guy arrested if someone knows who he is.  "I think that, nowadays, people realize that, you know, your probability of being caught on video is very high. So that when they walk in a store, they know a lot of times."

So, even though it's tough to figure out exactly what his facial features look like, Hillsborough detectives say this guy's days are numbered.

Someone, somewhere out there, knows who he is and will get $1,000 for turning him in anonymously.

Visit the Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay webpage

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