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Jamie Mayo's business is called Wife -- For Hire.

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Wife for hire? A Bay area businesswoman is calling herself just that, and the catchy name is helping her survive the economy.

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, computer work, errands, and paying your bills -- don't wanna do it? Then you'll wanna call Jamie Mayo.

"I am a wife for hire," Mayo said proudly.

Mayo used to work as a bookkeeper, but started picking up other jobs like cleaning houses so she could pay her own bills.

"I had joked -- I had said to some friends, 'You know, I'm gonna start a company and call it Wife -- For Hire.' We all laughed," Mayo remembered.

"I came home, and I was like, 'Gosh darn it, you know, I just need to do it!'"

Now, five years later, this single mom employs a half-dozen people part time, to help meet demand. She still does the oddest jobs herself.

She was grocery shopping for a single man when we met up with her. The next day, she was set to paint the inside of a family's house.

Other days, she may cook dinner for older folks. And -- sometimes -- even wives need a wife. "I've had people call me [and ask], 'Will you be my wife?' It's just fun!" Mayo laughed.

You may think with a company name like Wife -- For Hire, she'd get more than a few rude or lewd requests. Not so. She says she can count on less than one hand the number of inappropriate calls she's taken.

She charges a variety of prices, depending on the service she provides. For example, grocery shopping for you, then stocking up your pantry and fridge will cost $18 an hour.

But Mayo has several customers who don't pay a penny. That's because she's part of a program called Cleaning for a Reason.

Vicki Daniele is in the middle of chemotherapy.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a coworker put her in touch with Cleaning for a Reason.

As part of that program, Mayo or a helper will to come to Daniele's house and clean -- for four months -- for free.

"When they first called, I cried," Daniele said.

"I was feeling very vulnerable and very tired. And it made me feel really good that there's people out there that -- that care about other people."

As she wiped cleaning fluid from Daniele's countertop, Mayo said, "I just felt like this was God's way of saying to me, 'This is what I want you to do.'"

For Jamie Mayo, helping folks as a friend for free -- or as wife for hire -- has proven to be a rewarding way of life.

For more information on Mayo's business, visit wifeforhire.net or call (727) 347-9180.

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