Woman waits for word on missing plane, 5 decades later

11:19 PM, Mar 15, 2014   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- Retired school teacher Jeraldine Rubin reads a 57-year-old article aloud.

"Hope faded late yesterday for 67 Americans," the 71-year-old St. Petersburg resident says. "The plane carried 37 Air Force personnel, including the crew of nine men and one woman."

One of the men on board was her brother, airman John E. Bryant. He'd just turned 19.

"Constantly hope, hope, hope, hope," she said.

In 1957, Airman Bryant's plane disappeared on its way from California to Japan. It's never been found. That's why, when Jeraldine heard of missing Malaysia flight 370, she says, "All these bells started ringing again. It just took me back."

Rubin says it's hope that's gotten her through.

"That was what really kept everything together. I know it kept everything together for me," she says.

And it's what she says families waiting for word of their loved ones need to keep.

"We should continue to hope and expect things to work out as the Lord intended them to be."

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