Study: vehicle injuries a leading cause of death among kids

12:07 AM, Feb 17, 2014   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- A baby was killed and two children were hurt in a wrong-way car accident last night Georgia. Today, that crash is sparking debate on the issue of child passenger safety right here in the Bay Area.

A new report from The Centers for Disease Control says motor vehicle deaths among children under 12 is down 43 percent since a decade ago, but vehicle injuries are still a leading cause of death among children in the U.S.

Officials at All Children's Hospital say about 85 percent of the people who take the Children Passenger Safety Course find out they are making mistakes when they buckle-up their kids.

Occupation Protection Safety Coordinator Petra Vybiralova says, "Human beings can become projectiles."

The Xay Mong Khonh family visiting the All Children's Hospital Sunday said, sadly, they know that story. "My brother passed away weeks ago because he had no seat belt on. You need to wear a seat belt. It can save your life... "

Vybiralova demonstrated how to install a car seat. "We still see a lot of errors, and one of the surprises in the study was how many minorities are still affected. I believe it was over 40 percent for both Hispanics and African Americans."

Experts say to bring the numbers down people need to buckle-up. "Your child needs to be safe on every ride."

Classes are held at the All Children's Hospital weekly, and monthly in surrounding counties. And if you cant afford a car seat or don't know how to get one, officials there can help.

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