Accused movie theater shooter Curtis Reeves' bond hearing to continue on Friday

7:42 AM, Feb 6, 2014   |    comments
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Curtis Reeves sits in court before the start of a bond hearing on February 5, 2014.



Dade City, Florida - The bond hearing for movie theater shooting suspect Curtis Reeves will pick back up on Friday morning at 10 a.m. following hours of testimony on Wednesday.

Reeves' daughter, Jennifer Shaw, took the stand as a character witness for her father.

She turned his passport over to the court and said that all the weapons in the retired Tampa police officer's Brooksville home had been removed and were under lock and key with his son.

Also on Wednesday, witness Mark Turner said he only saw Chad Oulson throw popcorn at Reeves, who was upset that Oulson was texting during movie previews.

"From the time the popcorn was thrown to the time that the shot rang out ... 3 to 5 seconds," said Turner testified on the stand.

Nicole Oulson broke down in tears as a nurse in the theater described how he tried to help her husband, who lay dying on the theater floor.

"I checked his pupils to see if they would react to light and they did not, which usually indicates that his brain stem was not receiving adequate blood or oxygen," said Derek Friendhoff, who was at the theater with his girlfriend to see the movie "Lone Survivor."

There was also stunning testimony from an off-duty Sumter County corporal. He told the court how he ran over to Reeves and told him to remain in his seat until authorities arrived.

Corporal Alan Hamilton, Sr. told the court that he also overheard a conversation between Reeves and his wife, who chastised him for shooting Oulson.

"She said that was no cause to shoot anyone. And then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out as to scold her and said, 'You shut your (expletive) mouth and don't say another word,'" he said.

There is surveillance video from inside the theater during the Jan. 13th incident. The defense asked the judge for a 60-day delay in releasing the video to the public.

"Where the defense can confront the issues and have testimony of highly qualified experts, so that we can explain to the public as a whole the problems with this video," said Reeves attorney Richard Escobar.

The judge decided that the tape will be released to the public in 30 days.


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