Some flying out of TIA despite delays, cancellations

9:39 AM, Jan 8, 2014   |    comments
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Video: Cold weather brings flight cancellations

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Tampa, Florida -- Tuesday brought a second day of new cancellations and delays at Tampa International Airport due to a massive winter storm impacting nearly half of the country.

Despite all the backups, some people managed to fly out even though their flights were canceled. 

The departure and arrival board have both been showing delayed flights as well as canceled flights into Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Newark, New York all due to mother nature.

Jet Blue Airways customers lined up at Kiosks to check in today to cut down on the long wait times since the airlines grounded all flights to New York, New Jersey and Boston at 5 p.m. Monday.

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Jennifer Cutcliff is a Jet Blue Airways passenger headed away from the bad weather to Puerto Rico after visiting with family in the Bay area.

"With the weather, it's just typical flying. There's nothing you can really do about it. You just have to take it with a grain of salt like everything else in life I guess," she says.

Sydney Worsham of Sarasota is trying to look on the bright side. She's flying on Southwest Airlines, trying to get back to college classes and her job in Iowa after celebrating Christmas with her family.

"I mean it's really frustrating, but I can't control the weather and neither can they."

She adds, "I was flying to Chicago Midway and I was waiting in that line right there to go to Southwest and I got to the front and right when I got to the front they found out that it got canceled so it was pretty frustrating."

Worsham will try to fly out another day. She says she was told all flights into Chicago are canceled today. Her sister who dropped her off at the airport was forced to turn around and come back to pick her up.

"She wasn't too happy. Well, I mean, she's alright with it because she's my sister -- but she had to turn around -- she was halfway there and, yeah, it's kind of frustrating."

Some divine intervention for Anita Thomas and her husband Danny who is a pastor.

He smiled and said, "Just hoping we can get home."

After a cruise with their church members they've spent most of the day trying to get back to the cold weather at home in Indianapolis.

"The trip from Baltimore to Indianapolis has been canceled so we're hoping to leave here and go to Louisville which is two hours away from our destination," he says.

Danny and his wife were praying for the best. They were patient and flexible.

"At this point whatever happens -- we're willing to roll with the punches," he adds. 

And that attitude served the pastor and his wife well. They were able to get on a flight to Louisville and, while they'll have to drive the rest of the way home, they're much closer to their destination.

10 News talked to several people who agreed that being flexible, patient and polite helped. Tampa International Airport officials report that nearly 60 flights have made it out so far.

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