Nan Rich says Charlie Crist will have to run on his record of flip-flops

8:02 AM, Nov 2, 2013   |    comments
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Weston, Florida -- The Democratic field for governor has doubled in size with Charlie Crist officially jumping in the race. But former state Senator Nan Rich said don't crown Crist the winner just yet.

"I would not be in it if I did not feel I had a real shot because this is a lot of work," Rich told 10 News during a lengthy sit down interview at her Weston campaign headquarters Friday.

"I've had 220 visits to different meetings, events, fundraisers all over the state [since entering the race last year]," she said. "As it turns out, it's about 121,000 miles and I would not be doing that if I did not believe I have a real shot to win this."

Labeled by some as the real Democrat in the race, Rich said she's has been taking a grassroots approach with her campaign. And some political experts believe she has a legitimate shot at defeating Crist, just like Marco Rubio did in the 2010 Senate primary.

"I don't think it's going to be a slam dunk [for Crist]," said University of South Florida Professor of Political Science Dr. Susan MacManus. "She,[Rich] appeals to women voters and there are still a number of Democrats who are a little bit nervous about someone they see as a carpetbagger."

Rich says Crist will have to run on his record which includes countless flip-flops.

At one point, Crist supported bans on gay marriage and on gay adoptions. He also supported the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and offshore drilling. Positions the one-time Republican turned Democrat now opposes. Crist has also flipped his positions on amnesty for illegal immigrants and the Affordable Care Act.

"I can understand how people change sometimes on an issue," Rich said. "But it's very hard for voters when they begin to see this list that you have enumerated here that a person changes their position on every single issue. Then you don't know really where that person is on anything."

One thing Rich will have to overcome is something that Crist doesn't have to deal with; a lack of name recognition. Statewide polls continue to show most people in Florida don't know who she is. Yet Rich still has plenty of time to change that and plenty of time to convince Floridians that she should be the state's next governor.

"People have counted me out before and I'm still here and still working hard on the issues that I think are important."

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