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Video shows woman screaming 'God you're my Savior' on flight to Tampa

4:29 PM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Cell phone video posted to YouTube shows a woman apparently having a mental breakdown on a flight to Tampa International Airport earlier this week.

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The video shows a woman repeatedly yelling "God, you're my savior!" as the plane lands. The man narrating the video claims she told fellow passengers her mother recently passed away and asked for prayers, before she escalated into the screaming chant.

Scroll down to watch video of the incident (warning: profanity)

The narrator says flight attendants asked that he make sure the woman didn't try approaching the plane's back door. Video shows passengers sitting next to the woman trying to calm her down, without any success.

A person claiming his girlfriend was on board called Todd "MJ" Schnitt's radio show on Friday, saying it was an American Airlines flight that arrived in Tampa at 11 p.m. earlier in the week.

A spokesperson for American Airlines tells 10 News they are aware of the incident and that the flight crew assisted the woman during the flight, but did not elaborate further on her condition. 

The man who recorded the video appears to have done so in violation of using phones and other electronic devices during takeoffs and landings. The Federal Aviation Administration is considering easing such restrictions, but no decision has been made at this time.

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