Holes at Tampa private school are not sinkholes

5:03 PM, Aug 29, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The campus of Cambridge Christian School was quiet on Thursday after suspicious holes developed on the recreation field earlier in the week. 

That meant that the Young house was not quite. Shrieks rang out as 8 boys ran and jumped into a backyard canal.

The boys, from three Cambridge families, were enjoying their unexpected holey holiday.

"I'm not a big fan of school, so it's fun to hang out with friends and have the day off," said a dripping Caleb Young, 14.

The school canceled classes Thursday and Friday for some 600 students, ranging from  pre-school through 12th grade, after two suspicious holes developed on the recreation field.

Maintenance staff found a small depression on the field on Monday and filled it with dirt. But when a second, larger hole appeared on Wednesday, school officials decided to close campus as a precaution.

"Ultimately the safety of the children's most important and making sure the campus is secure to walk back on," said Head of School Tim Euler on Thursday morning.

Various experts took a look at the area and  determined that the depressions were not the result of a sinkhole. Instead, an old, leaky drainage pipe was to blame and Euler says those findings were a relief.

"We're just thankful we got it solved, we're ready to go back to school," he said Thursday afternoon.

However, with so many families already starting their long holiday weekend, classes are still canceled for Friday.




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