INVESTIGATORS: 10 News report leads to fraud arrest

10:09 AM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida--Another arrest came Thursday following the 10 News Investigative report on fake insurance cards.

The Florida Division of Insurance Fraud says after it arrested Progressive Insurance employee Stephanie Lynn Dunbar Wednesday and charged her with selling fake proof of insurance cards, she rolled over on another woman who she says was doing a similar thing.

Louise Reynolds was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with acting as an insurance agent and selling fake proof of insurance. 

The state says that puts the odds of someone involved in an accident and not having liability coverage at one out of four drivers.

The Division of Insurance Fraud alleges Reynolds was able to get the phony insurance cards to sell, because Geico lets you print a temporary card if you sign up on line. 

Investigators say Reynolds was going online and filling out several fake applications, and then selling the cards. The state suggested that Geico change its practice.

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