Pasco County Animal Services offers doggone good deal

4:54 AM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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Land O' Lakes, Florida -- Just the noise alone tells you this place is full. Pasco County Animal Services is housing about 145 dogs and that's 45 more than their ideal max. 

So the shelter is running a "Dog Days of Summer" sale. You can adopt a dog for a dollar.

PHOTOS: Some of the dogs up for adoption at Pasco shelter

Overcrowding can cause health problems, so managers hope that slashing off $69 will prompt people to step up, step in, and step out with a dog.

"We want these animals to go home. We want them running in backyards and going for walks and jogs," says Acting Shelter Manager Lise Meinke.

All the dogs have been vet checked, chipped, and spayed or neutered.

Layne Gregory volunteers at the shelter a couple times a week and says there's a match for most anyone.

"Oh gosh yes," she says while playing outside with a dog named Rowdy. "Whether you want really active or more like a couch potato, big, small -- we have a huge variety."

The shelter is trying sales and other special events like this to reduce its euthanasia rate.

"I found the spot," says Graham Bowman scratching a terrier's back.

And Bowman thinks he may have also found a new family pet. There's simple reason he's been looking at shelters.

"Um -- so they don't have to die," he says.

The special adoption rate runs through September. To see more dogs at the shelter click here.

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