Florida 2013 sales tax-free holiday: weekend restrictions and bonuses

10:26 PM, Aug 3, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Tax-free weekend deals across the Sunshine State are limited.

"I bought these shoes for college and the iPad Mini, but the shoes were too expensive to be tax free," said a soon-to-be college freshman.

His shoes were over the clothing/shoe limit of $75.  Therefore, he could not get the tax-free deal.  

If you want to purchase electronics this weekend without taxes, the electronic item must be less than $750, otherwise you will pay a tax.  School supplies that are under $15 are also tax-free but not a penny more: otherwise, you're taxed!

See Also: List of tax-exempt items (PDF)

"We got the iPad for tax free plus a $15 gift card for being a student!" said the college freshman. 

Consumer Reports predicts Florida will spend $28 million this weekend.  They also predict nationwide, families will spend less this year than last by about $53. 

Most clothing, school, and electronics and accessories are tax-free, from lab coats to lingerie.  Some families were surprised those undergarments were on sale, while others were happy to cash in.

"Well, we need bras and underwear!" said one mom. 

The sale ends on Sunday.  

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