Wrong ballots sent in St. Pete's primary election

1:37 AM, Jul 30, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Hundreds of voters are learning about a major mistake on the ballot heading into St. Petersburg's primary election next month. 

In some instances registered voters receiving their ballots in the mail were put in the wrong district, and for others an entire race was left off.

St. Petersburg City Council member Karl Nurse is running for re-election as District 6's representative and said, "Obviously it makes you nervous when there are ballots out there that are wrong." 

His district includes most of downtown, a majority of mid-town, and several neighborhoods including Old Southeast, Tropical Shores, Coquina Key and half of Lakewood Estates. He's worried many of the people registered to vote in those areas have a ballot that doesn't even have the District 6 race on it.

His two challengers' names Trevor Mallory and Sharon Russ are also nowhere to be found on the ballot. 

"It's pretty unsettling but it's clearly an honest mistake and they're working as fast as they can to fix it," said Nurse.

The Supervisor of Elections Office called Nurse and explained their plan to fix the problem, which is to mail out replacement ballots to 780 voters.

The Supervisor of Elections office released a statement saying:

"These voters were inadvertently placed in the wrong district when the voter file was updated following the city's recent re-districting process.  We are attempting to contact all voters who received ballots in these precincts for whom we have phone numbers. 

We are asking voters to destroy the ballot they received last week, and vote and return the replacement ballot in the postage-paid return envelope provided."

"So I think that's all you could ask anybody to do, and we're human beings mistakes will happen," Nurse added.

But one of his challengers, Trevor Mallory, isn't so understanding. Mallory wonders why the Supervisor of Elections office didn't double check the ballots before they were mailed out.

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