Green paint splatters tarnish two additional D.C. sites

4:17 PM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Lincoln Memorial vandalized



(CBS/AP) Green paint marred two more places in Washington, D.C., on Monday, three days after authorities washed away similar vandalism from the Lincoln Memorial.

Wet, green paint was found spattered on a pipe organ in the National Cathedral Monday afternoon, closing its oldest chapel. Outside the Smithsonian Institution headquarters, green paint was reported on the statue of Joseph Henry - the Smithsonian's first secretary - on Friday, the same day police shut down the Lincoln Memorial, according to U.S. Park Police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Brooks.

Brooks says the incident is under investigation, and it's not clear whether it was the same paint that was used on the Memorial. He says it appears that something was intentionally drawn on the statue. The Lincoln Memorial had nothing drawn on it, just splattered paint.

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The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the incident at the National Cathedral while U.S. Park Police look into vandalism on the National Mall, where the Lincoln Memorial and Smithsonian Institution are located. The events haven't been linked to each other.

The Lincoln Memorial has reopened to visitors, and crews are working to remove the paint. The Bethlehem Chapel, within the National Cathedral, was closed Monday afternoon.

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