Gulfport man pursues HPV awareness

10:26 AM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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"You've got cancer," that's the last thing anyone wants to hear.  To anyone that would be the worst news of their life and that is just what David Hastings in Gulfport had to deal with.  What he had to go through would push anyone to their limits.  Grueling series of radiation treatments and chemo treatments would be needed if he wanted to survive.

Hastings would end up going to five doctors, all of which couldn't figure out why a man of his age, a non-smoker and not a heavy drinker, ended up with this very aggressive cancer.  Eventually they figured it out.  Seems Hastings cancer was linked to HPV, a sexually transmitted virus with known connections to deadly cervical cancers.

Earlier this year celebrity Michael Douglas came out and said that he too had stage 4 cancer linked to oral sex.

According to the Tampa Tribune, Hastings has now become an advocate for HPV awareness.

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