Car dealers making repo man's job easier

5:33 AM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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More than likely if you buy a new car today it will come with some sort of option to include a GPS, Global Positioning System.  It will help you navigate streets and will not force you to pull out those big annoying maps that you can't remember how to fold anyways.  And if you can get it for a cheap price, why not add that option?  Well it seems that there is a twist that most people don't know about.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, car dealers are installing these more in cars they sell, especially to those who they finance with bad credit.  These aren't the fancy kind you see mounted in people's dashing with the fancy chrome knobs and built in voice commands.  No, these are installed so people will not see them and it can even stop the car from working.  It makes it easier a repo man to recover the car if your car if you stop paying.

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