Lincoln Memorial vandalism witness: soda cans with paint at scene

4:14 PM, Jul 28, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON - A new witness has come forward in the Lincoln Memorial vandalism case, throwing a new color, literally, on the graffiti.

Jamie McDaniel of Stafford, Va. expressed concern that police did not interview her or review what she believes might be photographic evidence.

Photographs distributed by Getty Images appear to support the woman's claims that she saw white paint too. She also says she saw soda cans and bottles filled with paint.

She says she saw a group of teenagers surrounding the Lincoln Memorial and felt U.S. Park Police dismissed her reports.

"My friend and I discovered the vandalism and alerted police about the Lincoln Memorial," says Jamie McDaniel. "I was surprised there was no mention of the footprints we found."

The woman was giving a Colorado visitor a late night tour of the memorial when they came upon the vandalism.

The visitor captured a group of teenagers on her camera that she says police have not reviewed.

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