2 Lakeland sergeants fired, 1 resigns as result of sex scandal

9:15 AM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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  • Susan Eberle (center) has reluctantly become the face of the sex scandal rocking the Lakeland Police department. With her husband Ed (left) clutching her hand for support, Eberle decided to go public, announcing through her attorney (right) that they had filed charges with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Florida Commission on Human rights.


Lakeland, Florida -- The Lakeland Police Department says two sergeants were fired Monday and another resigned as a result of a sex scandal that recently came to light.

Sergeants Rusty Longaberger and David Woolverton were terminated and Sergeant Felicia Wilson submitted her letter of resignation -- in lieu of termination -- as a result of an internal investigation arising from a letter sent from State Attorney Jerry Hill regarding concerns with her preparation for a jury trial and her related testimony.

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Based on all the information uncovered in the internal investigation, Police Chief Lisa Womack recommended termination for each of the sergeants. Her recommendation was then reviewed and authorized by City Manager Doug Thomas.

The sustained violations are listed for each Officer:

1. Sergeant Rusty Longaberger, 45, employed since Oct. 24, 1999

a. Conduct Unbecoming
b. Failure to Report Misconduct
c. Neglect of Duty.

2. Sergeant David Woolverton, 38, employed since Nov. 9, 1992

a. Conduct Unbecoming
b. Failure to Report Misconduct
c. Neglect of Duty.

3. Sergeant Felicia Caldwell-Wilson, 44, employed since Oct. 30, 1994

a. Job Knowledge, Competency and Performance
b. Neglect of Duty
c. Untruthfulness
d. Interaction and Cooperation Between Department Personnel
e. Conduct Unbecoming


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