George Zimmerman Trial: Defense's key to closing argument? Silence

2:11 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Zimmerman team uses concrete chunk as Trayvon's weapon


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  • Sanford, Florida -- George Zimmerman's attorney made point after bold point, casting doubt on the state's case during its closing argument.

    Defense attorney Mark O'Mara told the jury Trayvon Martin was not unarmed -- he used his hands and the concrete sidewalk as weapons.

    Then he hit the key moment of his closing argument by closing his mouth. The loudest words spoken by the defense were said with silence.

    O'Mara let four minutes tick by without a word.

    He said Trayvon Martin had that long to run out of the neighborhood and get home after he first spotted Zimmerman watching him walk through a Sanford apartment complex.

    Instead, O'Mara said, Trayvon Martin decided he was going to create a confrontation that night, and instead of talking to Zimmerman, Martin walked up after those four minutes and sucker-punched him.

    "The person who decided this was going to continue, that it was going to become a violent event, was the guy who didn't go home when he had the chance to," O'Mara told the jury.

    "It was the guy who decided to lie in wait, I guess, plan his move, it seems."

    Thursday, prosecutors portrayed Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, as a wannabe cop, frustrated and ready to kill.

    O'Mara made strong points, working to poke holes in that picture.

    "Not one witness to suggest that the guy who they want you to believe is the 'neighborhood watch, cop wannabe, crazy, arrr' -- not one," O'Mara said.

    "Innocence. Pure, unadulterated innocence, I would suggest that that shows to you."

    After a rebuttal from prosecutors, the jury will start deliberating and could keep debating the case into the weekend.

    There are three possible outcomes for the jury: guilty of second-degree murder; guilty of a lesser charge, manslaughter; or not guilty.

    Sanford police say they are ready for whatever the public's response may be to that verdict.

    Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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