Closing arguments for George Zimmerman's defense to begin Friday

10:55 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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  • Sanford, Florida - George Zimmerman's defense team will present their closing arguments to the jury on Friday morning.

    After that, the state will gives its rebuttal before the jury begins deliberation to decide if Zimmerman shot 17 year-old, unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense, or not.

    During closing arguments on Thursday, the state tried to paint the 29 year-old as a wanna-be cop, a liar and even a predator who provoked a fight that lead to the deadly shooting.

    "Why does this defendant get out of his car if he thinks that Trayvon Martin is a threat to him? Why? Why? Because he's got a gun! He's got the equalizer," said prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

    Zimmerman shot and killed Martin as he walked through the Retreat at Twin Lakes community in February of 2012.

    The state told the jury that Zimmerman had already made up his mind when he began to follow the teen.

    "In his mind Trayvon Martin was a (explative) punk and his was an (explative) and he wasn't going to get away," said Rionda.

    They also told the jury that Zimmerman's argument that claims Martin grabbed his gun is false because of a lack of evidence on the weapon.

    "In terms of the DNA there wasn't any on the gun," said the prosecutor.

    While court was in session, Sanford's chief of police went door-to-door to speak with residents in advance on the verdict.

    "There may be people who decide they want to protest one way or another," said Cecil Smith.

    See also: Police ask locals to keep peace after Zimmerman trial verdict

    While there is no evidence that suggests protests are planned when a verdict is handed down, Sanford has a history of racial tension.

    The chief says his department is ready to handle anything that might, or might not happen following the verdict.

    "We're prepared to deal with things as they arise, and if it's a long standing event, then we'll deal with it as it stands."

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