Murdered Bradenton woman Jazmin Catano's neighbor talks of her rocky relationship with ex-boyfriend Andy Collazos

6:19 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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Detectives believe Jazmin Catano was killed Saturday night in her Coral Club Apartment.


Bradenton, Florida - Jazmin Catano's ex-husband discovered the crime scene Sunday night when he dropped off their son. Manatee Sheriff's deputies found her body in the bedroom.

During their investigation and dozens of interviews, one name kept surfacing: Andy Collazos, Jazmin's ex-boyfriend. Deputies have named Collazos a "person of interest" and want to question him... except investigators say he flew to Colombia, South America on Sunday.

Dwayne Collins says 30-year-old Jazmin and 24-year-old Andy also had a bit of a rocky relationship.

Dwayne says, "On four or five occasions Andy left two, three, four days he'd be gone. I think they give each other space, then he'd come back."

Dwayne says the couple moved into the Champions Walk Apartment below his about a year ago. He says they'd argue in Spanish, but he never saw Andy be aggressive towards her. He says, "No, never seen him hurt Jazmin, no."

Dwayne had not seen Andy in about four weeks. When he recently asked Jazmin about Andy, he says she told him, "Andy moved out."

Jazmin's neighbor last saw her on Saturday as she moved out of her apartment. That apartment is now part of the murder investigation. 

Dwayne says when he heard about Jazmin's murder, he first thought of Andy. 

"Andy couldn't do that," Dwayne says he first thought. "But hearing he's fled to Colombia has changed things, made me very suspicious of him. There's no reason for him to run if he wasn't guilty."

"We're working our case here, focused on the case here, the evidence we have here," says Dave Bristow with the Manatee Sheriff's Department. "This is going to be a strong case," he adds.

Investigators say if an arrest warrant is issued for Andy Collazos, they will then reach out to Colombian authorities. 

Jazmin worked in the Manatee Clerk of Court's office and leaves behind two young children, a son and a daughter.

Dwayne says Jazmin was a quiet and friendly young lady. What will he miss most? 

He says, "Her pretty smile."

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