Convicted cop killer Nicholas Lindsey in Pinellas Court Again, Resentencing Hearing Set Because of Supreme Court Ruling

12:41 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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CLEARWATER, Florida - A new sentencing hearing has been set for Nicholas Lindsey, the teenager who gunned down a St Petersburg police officer back in 2011.

Lindsey returned to a Pinellas County court Wednesday morning, where a judge appointed the 18-year-old a public defender and set a date for the re-sentencing.

Lindsey is now serving a life sentence without parole, after he was found guilty of First Degree Murder last year in the shooting death of officer David Crawford. He was 16-years-old at the time.

That is why Lindsey is now getting re-sentenced. After his original sentence, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to sentence juveniles to life in prison without at least considering alternatives.

Former St Pete police officer and close friend of Crawford's, Thad Crisco, attended was in the courtroom. He said he expected the re-sentencing to happen, but hopes Lindsey will still end up with life.

"He just murdered him in cold blood. He deserves life. I realize he was only 16 at the time, however he was already a convicted felon. This wasn't his first time committing any kind of crime. He just happened to up it to murder," said Crisco.

The teen's parents were also at the hearing. They're hopeful that this time the sentence will be different.

 "Just glad that it's going to be over soon. He gets a chance at a fair hearing and he gets to come home one day," said Lindsey's mother, Deneen Sweat.

Lindsey's re-sentencing has been set for July 26th. He can still be sentenced to life in prison.

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