Ireland Nugent may take first steps today

6:03 AM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida -- Ireland Nugent will try on her new prosthetic legs Monday morning, and may even take her first steps.

It's been just over two months since two-year-old Ireland lost her feet in a lawnmower accident.

But by the end of the day Monday, if things go smoothly, this beautiful girl will be moving in a brand new way.

Ireland's mom Nicole said her big concern had been that her daughter would get prosthetic legs and then not want to wear them.

She has a point -- when Ireland crawls and plays, she seems incredibly comfortable, despite missing her feet.

But last week, the staff at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando made plaster molds of the remainder of Ireland's legs so they can properly fit her new man-made feet.

Ireland seemed to be doing well through the whole process. So her mother is now optimistic that when she tries on the new feet Monday, Ireland will be up for taking those important first steps.

Everyone in Ireland's family -- all seven kids -- will be there to encourage her along.

She's also gotten support from other folks at the clinic, including a teenager who lost his own feet in a similar accident when he was little.

Tampa Bay Area former pro wrestler and amputee Steve Chamberland and his charity 50 Legs are also helping financially and emotionally.

Ireland has appointments both Monday and Tuesday, and they're certainly not going to rush her through this. So if she's not up for walking Monday morning, they'll be able to work with her Tuesday, as well.

10 News reporter Ashley Porter is going along with Ireland's family to Orlando. She will have the latest all day during our newscasts here 10 News and here on

You can follow Ashley Porter on Twitter at @ashleyreporter for updates.

Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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