Ireland Nugent's family gets donation money after waiting for weeks

12:03 PM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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Clearwater, Florida - From the beginning, Pastor Dennis Reid has been by the Nugent family's side. 

He's been helping drum up donations to pay for Ireland's ongoing medical expenses after a horrific lawn mower accident that forced doctors to amputate both of the 2-year-old's feet.

But now, the Nugent family is speaking out over concerns they've yet to receive a single penny of the near $120,000 collected.

"The trust attorney for the past month has been trying to get through to Dennis Reid that the money needed to be deposited into the account," said Ireland's grandfather, Michael Del Corpo. "There has been nothing but excuses after excuses after excuses."

Del Corpo blames the delays on Reid, the head pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Clearwater.

"He seems to be too controlling and I don't think he likes the way things are working out."

According to the family, the church brought in a trust fund attorney to set up separate funds for both family expenses, and Ireland's medical bills. But when church leaders wanted to approve how the money would be spent, the distribution of donations was delayed.

"Right now the medical bills are mounting," said Del Corpo. "That money has got to come from somewhere. They're already behind on work with all the money... they're already behind and this is continuing to add up."

Del Corpo also pointed out how the medical bills are already affecting the Nugents. 

"Now they're finding themselves putting money on credit cards and this trust fund money was set up to cover that," he said. "My sadness has now turned to rage. I'm angry. I want them to do what is right."

Church leaders say Pastor Reid left Monday morning for a mission trip to Guatemala. The church was scheduled to take up the issue when the pastor returns next week, but after angry backlash from donors appeared on Facebook overnight, an emergency meeting was scheduled for Monday evening. There, they voted unanimously to immediately distribute all funds.

The family confirmed they got the money on Tuesday.

Church leaders insist they've always acted in the Nugent family's best interests.

"My hope is that the church gets past this," said Interim Associate Pastor Kathi Trautweim. "Nicole said to me today 'I'm so afraid I'm going to lose my church family.' And I said, 'Nicole, that's not going to happen. We love you.'"

Trautweim added, "I'm sad this has happened. It's not good for the church, it's not good for the Nugent family, and that is my hope that we can move on and be what we need to be to the Nugent family."

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