KB Home resident faces lawsuit for speaking out

9:31 AM, May 26, 2013   |    comments
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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Two men living in KB Home's Willowbrook community now face a slander lawsuit from a contractor.

For months, 10 News has shown you how homeowners are dealing with moldy living rooms, rotting and collapsing balconies.  Now residents are facing legal ramifications for speaking out.

KB Homes hired contractor DueAll Construction, a company out of Riverview, to make repairs in the Willowbrook community.   DueAll was chosen by the Willowbrook HOA.

But as 10 News reported in April, residents grew suspicious and upset as they learned about how the contractor was chosen and how long it's taking DueAll to make progress.

Now Dueall has filed a lawsuit against Andrew Smith, claiming he hurt their reputation by posting that one of Dueall's owners was previously charged with trafficking cocaine.

Smith says the information is already public knowledge and he's accusing DueAll of intimidation.

10 News reached out to DueAll's main contractor, Sal Ventimiglia, who previously identified himself as a co-owner of the company, but received no response.

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