Concerned citizens of St. Petersburg turn over 20,000 petitions in hopes it will push pause on funding Lens design

2:18 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -  The group trying to stop the Lens from being built in place of the current St. Pete Pier, could be one step closer to getting that done. 

On Wednesday morning, Concerned Citizens of St. Petersburg, the sponsor of the Stop the Lens campaign, says it turned over 20,000 petitions. The group says this could help them tell City Council to push the pause button on funding the Lens design.

The group has been holding these petitions in order to ensure the referendum to Stop the Lens will not require a special election, which it says could cost the city about $250,000.

St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster has already told the group the petitions will not be certified before May 30. That date opens the 90 day window that would allow the referendum onto the regularly scheduled August 27 primary ballot. It would ask St. Pete voters, should the new Lens pier be built?

Concerned Citizens hopes turning in the petitions today will mean City Council will suspend funding on the Lens design until that outcome. That decision will be made at the Council meeting Thursday.

Regardless, the existing pier's two main restaurants say they will close on May 31st.

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