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Boyfriend of rape victim describes listening to horrific attack

7:07 AM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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Kenneth City, Florida -- Police are investigating a violent attack on a couple inside their Kenneth City condominium.

Investigators say it happened as the two were returning home shortly after midnight Tuesday morning.

Preston Meierhoff, 20, an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, was the female victim's ex-boyfriend. Police say he broke into her home, attacking her boyfriend and locking him outside, before sexually assaulting his ex.

"He came around the corner and just attacked me," said the victim's boyfriend, who suffered bruising to his face forehead and back.

The boyfriend was eventually locked outside and called police for help. As officers arrived, they say the female victim was screaming for help. They believe she was being sexually assaulted as they arrived.

"I mean it was blood curdling," said neighbor Rhonda Laine. "Just screaming and screaming and screaming."

"When he was on top of me, beating me, it was probably the scariest thing I've been through until I was stuck outside with the police, waiting for them to get back inside," said the victim's boyfriend. "That was even worse."

Witnesses say police in tactical gear were forced to break down the door, rescuing the woman. Police say Meierhoff was found hiding in a closet where he was arrested charged with sexual battery, burglary, and false imprisonment.

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