Hillsborough Deputies: Inmate, Demetrius Morris, tries to hire other inmate for murder

6:31 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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Demetrius Morris, an inmate accused of trying to hire another inmate to murder his previous rape victim and her daughter, reacts as a judge sets his new bond to $1 million.
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Tampa, Florida- Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies say a Tampa man in jail for the alleged rape and kidnapping of a 70-year-old woman came up with a plan to free himself.

It's the kind of case even veteran law enforcement officers shake their heads and say "just when you think you've heard it all..." there's Demetrius Morris. 

Morris thought he had a plan to get out of jail, but deputies say that plan may have just bought Morris some extra jail time.

During his first appearance in court today on two counts of solicitation to commit murder, a Hillsborough judge set Morris' bond at $1 million and revoked all previous bonds. 

"You won't be getting out of jail anytime soon," the judge told Morris.

But wait- there's more for Demetrius Martees Morris. 

The Hillsborough judge ordered deputies to hold Morris in isolation, and have his calls and mail monitored.

"We discovered between the 12th of April, and the 21st, he was handwriting notes to another inmate asking this inmate to take care of a hit for him," Hillsborough Sheriff's Office spokesperson Debbie Carter explained.

Hillsborough deputies said that hit was on his 70-year-old rape victim and her daughter.

"Oh my God! Wow that's crazy," said Anika Colleton. 

Colleton works at the Next Generation Kidz Day Care Center across from Living Word Fellowship Church, the church where Tampa police say 27-year-old Morris kidnapped and raped a 70-year-old woman inside back in October.  

Colleton addressed this statement to Morris: "What is wrong with you? If that was your mother how would you feel about it?"

Even though Tampa police have said DNA connects Morris to the rape, deputies said he thought his plan would help him beat the charges.  

"He told the individual he needed it taken care of by May 8th. That's when he is goes to court [and]  he didn't want them to testify," said Carter.

"You did it now. You want her killed because you did it," said Colleton. "You decided to do it and there are consequences for what we do," she added.

So how was Morris planning to pay for this hit? Deputies say he offered his inmate his social security money.

The judge told Morris if he tries soliciting another hit, he'll cut off all his calls and mail privileges.

Morris goes to court on the rape and kidnapping charge May 8.

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