Ireland Nugent, 2-year-old who lost her feet in lawnmower accident, needs another surgery

10:49 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- For Pastor Dennis Reid, it's been a long night writing thank you notes to every single person who donated money to help Ireland Nugent.

The little girl who lost her feet in a lawnmower accident touched thousands of hearts in Tampa Bay, and she needs prayers again after another corrective surgery.

This new operation is a setback. But Ireland's pastor insists it's not a major one. Unfortunately, it's not all done yet.

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We were excited to tell you about what doctors believed would be Ireland's last surgery a week and a half ago.

Her family had really hoped to have her home this weekend. But everything changed Tuesday.

Doctors discovered an area on her right leg, about the size of a quarter, where the skin grafts did not take hold, family spokesman Rev. Dennis Reid said.

They moved her into the operating room and worked on the area. The surgery apparently went well.

But now Ireland faces another operation Saturday and then next week, a new skin graft. Doctors at Tampa General Hospital have been using skin from her thighs to repair the end of her leg.

"I know she's asked a couple of times about her legs. And her primary concern was, 'What about the blood?' And what she can see is the skin grafts on top of her thighs -- she can still see that area," said Reid, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church.

"And her mom said, 'No, we're gonna take care of that. We're gonna get you new legs.' And that seemed to suffice for her for right now."

As the family spokesperson, Pastor Reid has been keeping the public informed and said little Ireland is a trooper despite everything she's been through and has yet to endure.

Reid said Ireland is talking and playing, just like a two-year old should.

While it's rough that she'll face several more days in the hospital, we've already gotten some good news.

Doctors had planned to use a machine to help Ireland breathe after the surgery and through the night Tuesday. But well before midnight, they decided to stop using it and she is breathing on her own.

Meanwhile 50 Legs, one of the organizations helping Ireland in her recovery, is holding a fundraiser this weekend.

On Saturday, there is a charity golf tournament at Tarpon Woods Golf Club. Registration begins at 11 a.m. More information is available on 50 Legs' website.

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