Coyotes kill 2 more pets in Largo

4:23 AM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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LARGO, Florida -- Coyotes are on the hunt in the exclusive gated golf course community of The Bayou Club in Largo.

Ma Luper and her best friend, Megan Govan, have lived there all their lives. Myah says, "There's, like, a whole bunch of them in this neighborhood, and we hear them all the time behind my house too. I was driving my golf cart around the neighborhood and I was driving in a bush and, like, a mom and two babies came out."

Just last week, 10 News reporter Andre Senior learned that coyotes killed two pets in the Jungle Terrace neighborhood of St. Petersburg.

A dog and a cat were recently killed in The Bayou Club. Residents were sent warning letters telling them not to walk their pets at night. When they do, they're being asked to keep their dogs on a very short leash.

Dog and cat lovers in the community and the apartment community next door at Sugar Mill Creek are deeply concerned.

Over at the apartment complex, Chris Convay showed us where he believes several of the coyotes sleep during the day. He pointed to some heavy brush near a wooden fence towards the back of the property and says, "They come around 10:00, 10:30 this way. Then, about 11:00 or 12:00, they come back, go in here, they may have a dug out a lair or a den."

Convay says his dog, Spook, always gets spooked by their presence and starts to bark, since their home overlooks the path the coyotes take. He adds, "One of them, the bigger one, will typically walk along the rim ... Spook's right there and he goes crazy."

Convay showed us the creek he believes they probably walk through to travel over to The Bayou Club. He says as soon as they get to the other side, you can hear dogs start to bark.  

Govan says, "It's definitely scary knowing that they're around." 

Dennis Sandidge works for the owner of Sugar Mill Creek Apartments. He's the vice president/area director for UDR Eastern Residential. He says they didn't know coyotes were running around the community, but they are glad it's been brought to their attention.

Sandidge says they will partner with the proper authorities on what they can do legally and ethically to trap the animals because he says the comfort and safety of residents is important.

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