Tampa attorney, Barry Cohen, shares insight as Hakken legal journey begins

12:30 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Attorney shares insight as Hakken legal journey begins

  • A Hillsborough judge set no bond for the Hakkens after their return from Cuba. Tampa attorney Barry Cohen shares insight as public council prepares to represent the couple.

Tampa, Florida-- There's no denying four-year-old Chase and two-year-old Cole Hakken charmed the socks off Tampa Bay today as they smiled and played with media cameras. 

The boys showed no signs of physical or psychological trauma from their very tumultuous week, thanks to their grandparents.

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"They've been told that everyone heard about their sailboat trip to Cuba, 'another country' as they called it, and their airplane ride back to America, and that everyone wants to take their picture," said their grandmother, Patricia Hauser. "We ask that there be no mention of any of the events of the past week."

Patricia and Bob Hauser, the boys' custodial grandparents, thanked law enforcement, the press and the public, but asked for privacy so the kids can re-acclimate. 

They took a few questions about the grandsons, but not their daughter Sharyn, or son-in-law Joshua Hakken - who tied Patricia up before swiping the kids last week.

In court Thursday, a Hillsborough judge set no bond for the Hakkens. Both are being represented by public council- saying they cant afford private lawyers. 

As their difficult, legal journey begins, 10 News asked famed Tampa attorney Barry Cohen for perspective.

"There's obviously a mental breakdown here," said Cohen.

Cohen points out the parents are clearly educated, and lived normal lives until something snapped. 

So how would he defend them in court, and how could this pan out?

"I would try to find out what caused this change in circumstances. Once that's fixed, I think society would allow them to continue with their family," said Cohen. 

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