Chilly Weather Hitting Some Clearwater Beach Businesses During Spring Break

11:40 AM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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CLEARWATER BEACH, Florida - Some businesses on Clearwater Beach are taking a bit of a hit because of the recent unseasonably chilly weather.  Instead of seeing Spring Break visitors wearing swimsuits, Tuesday they were sporting sweatshirts.

"The daytime business is down. It's nibbling away at that cushion we were able to build up in January," said Palm Pavilion co-owner, Hoyt Hamilton.

Weather plays a huge role for beach business. It's been unseasonably cooler throughout March.

"When they're calling for 60 degrees in late March it's like oh my gosh, here we go," said Hamilton.

Over at Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise, the owner said the numbers are good, but probably not what they would've been if not for the cold snap.

"A lot of complaining. I want to  wait for another day. I want to wait for tomorrow. That type of thing," said owner, Pam Wozencraft.

Some spring break visitors coming from colder places though are not letting this chill ruin their vacation.

"We're going to make the best of whatever happens. This is better than playing in the snow and making a snow man in March," said Indiana visitor, Kevin Sparks.

"I mean, I'd like for it to be a little warmer for sure, but this will be all right," said Jon LaRochelle, from Oregon.

And though the end of Spring Break season is near, business owners remain hopeful.

"When you lose business to the weather, it's something that you can't control. There's nothing you can get upset about," said Hamilton.

Both visitors and business owners are hoping for a consistent warm-up soon.

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