Local reaction to Mindy McCready's apparent suicide

8:01 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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Publicity photo of country singer Mindy McCready
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- People in the Bay area are reacting to the apparent suicide of country singer Mindy McCready, who has struggled with drugs, alcohol, and jail time throughout the years.

"It frustrated me and I think it frustrated a lot of people," said radio personality at Tampa's WQYK 99.5, Dave McKay.

McKay said McCready's death is sad, but not surprising. He's watched the 37-year-old  throughout the years spiral out of control. He remembers meeting her in 1996, when she first got signed at the age of 19, after she took her Karaoke tape to Nashville.

"It was a great little story, you know, and then we saw her success with "10,000 Angels" and "Guys Do it All the Time", her song," said McKay.

McCready's success came quickly and McKay believes it's one of the reasons for her fall.

"She had it all at a very young age and then it all went away, because she was very difficult to deal with from the record label," said McKay.

McKay said though, it's that same spunk that made her a hit at radio stations. 

"She got more and more feisty and more and more confident every time we interviewed her. She made for a great interview cause she was fiery," said McKay.

After about two years or so of true success, McCready struggled for years with alcohol, drugs, and jail. She had checked into court-ordered rehab. McCready was found dead Sunday on the front porch of her home, the same spot her boyfriend - David Wilson, apparently shot and killed himself.

According to authorities, it appears McCready shot Wilson's dog to death before killing herself. 

McKay believes if McCready would've listened to those who tried to guide her, she would've still been a star.

"Everybody deserves a payday, and she had it. She got a payday and she ruined it. It's just a tragic ending," said McKay.

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