Beating on school bus in Pasco County is caught on camera

11:39 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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PASCO COUNTY, Florida - A beef between two Mitchell High School students turned into a beating on a school bus that was caught on camera. 

"You can hear her punching me and hear me screaming," said beating victim Chase Cristia.

The confrontation happened on Friday as students were being dropped off at home.  Video taken on a cell phone camera shows a teenager in all black running to the back of the bus and repeatedly punching Cristia, but the 16-year-old never retaliated.

After the attack, the instigator of the fight was charged with misdemeanor, while the teen that shot the video was charged with a lesser penalty for knowing of the fight, but not intervening. 

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Meanwhile, there are those who want to know why the bus driver did not step in to stop the attack as it was happening.

"It was pretty loud and it was noticeable, so I don't see how the bus driver wouldn't have been able to notice that," said Cristia.

Cristia is not the only person asking the same question about the school bus driver; so is the mother of one of the girl charged in the attack.

"What happened to the bus driver? Why he didn't stop? She said she was driving on Little Road and 54," said the mother who only wanted to be identified as Hanna.

Her daughter, Sandra, is serving at 10-day suspension for reportedly knowing about the attack, videotaping it with a cell phone, and not intervening before it took place.


Transportation officials told 10 News the fight lasted all of ten seconds, and there was not enough time for the driver to react.

An investigation is underway while the driver of the school bus remains on the job.

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