Mom Squad January 28th, 2013

8:47 AM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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What would you do if your son or daughter took a physics class where their teacher had test questions like the ones below:

A northbound car with a velocity of 100 meters per second ran over a baby with a momentum of 800 (kilograms)

meters per second, what is the mass of the car? 

What is the momentum of a 2 (kilogram) baby with a velocity of 200 meters per second that fell out of a window of a 100 story building? 

A Bay area high school Physics teacher is now under scrutiny for these (and other) questions he put on tests for his

students.  After 10 news was contacted by a parent from the school regarding the tests, our Mom Squad decided to weigh in.  They also

addressed the bill being proposed in Missouri that will fine and criminalize parents for refusing to disclose status of legally owned

guns (at their homes) to their child's school.   

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