Father, step-son arrested in teen bus stop beating

12:58 AM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Father, step-son arrested in teen bus stop beating


Progress Village, Fla.- Sheriff's Detectives are investigating a brutal beating at the bus stop before school. 

Deputies say 14-year-old Jontae Dellano was driven to the intersection of Causeway Boulevard and S 78th Street by his own stepfather. 

Investigators say the dad demanded his step-son take action against a 13-year old, following a fight at school weeks earlier.

"I saw him bleeding and he's like young," said a witness who asked not to be identified. He says the older teen took out a sock filled with padlocks and started swinging.

"He was bleeding," said the witness describing the victim. "Blood was all over his face, all over the back of his head, all over his shirt all the way down to his boxers."

Deputies say the weapon, known on the streets as a "sock-n-lock", is extremely dangerous.

"You get hit in the wrong way with medal hard locks- that could kill you," said Sgt. Steve Lewis of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. "It's a serious crime."

Trying to escape, the 13-year-old ran into traffic, chased by Dellano across five lanes where the beating continued.

"We know kids fight, but for a father to go out and encourage his son to go after him, especially after the kid has run away- that's a problem," said Sgt. Lewis.

Along with his step son, 30-year-old Jamal Shields is now facing felony aggravated battery charges for his involvement. 

Shields is no stranger to the law. He's been arrested 27 times in Hillsborough Country according to Sheriff's Office records, serving three stints in state prison for crimes ranging from drug dealing to grand theft auto.

The 13-year-old victim was treated and released from the hospital after requiring numerous staples to the back of the head. He also suffered large welts all over his face according to investigators.

Both students attended the Tampa Marine Institute, a program for troubled youth. 

No word yet on what discipline the two might now face at school.

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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