Florida Department of Law Enforcement could re-open investigation into abuses and deaths at Dozier School for Boys

6:41 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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  • File photo of the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida.
  • Dozier School for Boys graves
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Tampa, Florida -- Governor Rick Scott is leaving open the possibility of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement taking another look at alleged abuses and deaths at the former Dozier School for Boys.

"I want to look into that and make sure the families, make sure we do the right things there," Scott said.

Scott's comments come one day after University of South Florida researchers announced finding more graves and more deaths of boys at the state-run school than previously reported.

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Located in Marianna, Dozier was closed last year after 111 years. Dozens of former boys sent to the school claim they were victims of brutal beatings and abuse at the school.

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Roger Kiser spent time at the school in the late 50's and early 60's and is author of the book, "The White House Boys - An American Tragedy." He says USF's findings show FDLE's report completed in 2009 was a whitewash.

"It's like asking Charlie Manson to investigate whether he killed the Leno LaBianca family. What do you expect him to say? So you can't expect Florida to do an investigation on their staff and admit to any killings, or rapes, or molestations, or anything like that," Kiser tells 10 News.

But while the Governor may be willing to take another look at what happened at Dozier, a spokesperson for FDLE issued a statement Tuesday that sounded like nothing would change.

"We are aware of a recent report which has been written regarding the Dozier School for Boys. In the absence of any additional evidence we do not anticipate further criminal investigative action," Keith Kameg, a public information officer for FDLE said in a written statement.

USF anthropologists and archaeologists say they have uncovered 50 grave sites on the campus of Dozier which is 19 more than officially reported.

The researchers also announced on Monday that they found 98 deaths occurred at the school between 1914 and 1973 which is 17 more than previously stated.

In addition, the USF report also identified discrepancies in records of the cause and manner of death reported for several boys.

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