$550 million Powerball jackpot: What could you buy if you won record Powerball lottery jackpot?

3:27 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Daydreaming about winning that $550 million Powerball jackpot? Let's give you some options. What could you buy with all that money?

You may be able to buy yourself a top-notch hockey team -- or two.

Jeff Vinik bought the Tampa Bay Lightning and the lease to the Tampa Bay Times Forum for $110 million about three years ago.

But he's improved the team a lot since then, so he'd probably ask for a bunch more than that now. And that's if you could convince him to sell.

How much would you get?

First, let's figure how much money you would actually take home from the $500 million Powerball lottery jackpot.

If you choose to take a lump-sum payment and get it all at once, there's a penalty, so you'd only take home $327 million.

Uncle Sam taxes that at 35 percent, so your wallet would have about $212 million in it.


You could not buy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're worth just over a billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Your Powerball winnings are also not enough to get the Tampa Bay Rays, since they're valued at $323 million.

new Rays stadium is also out of reach. It's estimated at $500 million or more.

Luxury Items

What about some of the highest high-end luxury items?

Your own Boeing 767 jumbo jet would run you up to $165 million; it's what the founders of Google fly.

You could out-yacht any of your yacht-loving friends. A 400-foot megayacht goes for about $200 million.

There's a whole website with private islands you can buy. I can get you a nice Bahama for just over $12 million.

There's even an auction Thursday to buy an island right here in Florida! Hog Island in Lake George along the St. Johns River will go to the highest bidder. What great timing!

Other Ideas

You could rebuild almost your entire body with organs bought on the black market. A heart goes for just over $100,000. Kidneys are more pricey at about $250,000.

Want the [Your Name Here] College of Business? The average donation that gets a top business school renamed for you is $66 million.

And what about running for governor? Gov. Rick Scott spent $73 million of his own family's money on his election campaign.

That's no guarantee, though. Meg Whitman spent $142 million of her own money running for governor of California two years ago, but lost to Jerry Brown.


Your money will do the most if you donate your Powerball winnings to charity.

It won't be taxed by the federal government, so you can give the entire lump sum of $327 million.

A donation that big could run the Tampa Bay Area's entire United Way effort -- funding dozens of important programs -- for more than a decade.

Grayson Kamm, 10 News

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