Cornelius the Mystery Monkey may have a new home at Dade City's Wild Things

11:38 AM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Seminole, Florida -- The Mystery Monkey may finally have a home. The man who captured him says the rhesus macaque could be headed to Dade City!

Vernon Yates, from Wildlife Rescue and Rehab, expects to be awarded custody of the monkey soon by Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the monkey on the loose
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He says the monkey, which has been named Cornelius, is doing just fine in captivity and is even taking food out of people's hands.

Cornelius' new home is expected to be Dade City's Wild Things, a 22-acre zoo in Pasco County. It's not clear when the monkey will be headed there, but on their Facebook page, Dade City's Wild Things announced the creation of a "Mystery Monkey Fan Club" that would help raise funds for the monkey's habitat.

The Mystery Monkey has made national headlines, as he roamed free for nearly three years, repeatedly avoiding capture.

Earlier in the year, the search for the macaque intensified after the monkey attacked a south St. Petersburg woman. He was finally captured in October.

The monkey  tested positive for the Herpes B virus, which limits the places he can safely live in.

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