Gloria Allred: Jill Kelley's sister Natalie Khawam is a loving, protective mom

5:50 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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Washington, DC - On Tuesday afternoon, Gloria Allred, a high profile attorney known for representing women in high profile legal cases, stood at the side of Natalie Khawam.

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Allred made a statement first, emphasizing women's rights and  Natalie Khawam's custody case, where she is fighting for the custody of her son.   

"Because her son is so important," Allred said, "we plan to reverse what she believes are onerous restrictions, bankruptcy from legal fees, and Natalie wants full custody." She went on to describe Natalie as, "one of many mothers forced to suffer because of family court decisions."

Allred also said General David Petraeus and his wife Holly filed affidavits because "for years [they] observed them together, loved her child and supported her during toughest times, while Natalie was loving protective mom. They did so when  she was being unfairly portrayed and a victim of justice." She continued that Natalie is "deeply appreciative that Petraeus and his family have continued to love and support her. Natalie is forever grateful to them for not abandoning her."

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Choking back tears that quickly began streaming down her face, Natalie Khawam made her statement, saying that her sister Jill Kelley "held the light for me in the darkest time and took my son and me in when we needed refuge and protection."

Khawam proceeded to describe her close relationship with her twin, that "Jill was a catcher and I pitched.  I bake, she sautees. I love math and she loves science, we play piano and chess. Jill has loved and supported me through the years and I plan to love her unconditionally."

Allred then cautioned the group against engaging in stereotypes and stressed journalistic integrity, and that Natalie is looking forward to explaining this one day.

According to her website, Allred has been "involved in some of the most defining cases of our day, including O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, and Robert Blake, as well as one of the earliest sexual abuse suits against the Catholic Church."

Allred's clients include former porn star Joslyn James and nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel, for whom Allred reportedly helped win $10 million from Tiger Woods. Allred is also a go-to attorney for women who find themselves in the middle of a celebrity scandals. She has defended women against stars, including Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy, and Rob Lowe.

The busy attorney is also involved in the South Beach Cannibal case, as Allred is representing one of the girlfriends of Rudy Eugene.

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