Thousands are still without power and buried under snow in West Virgina

2:57 PM, Nov 3, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- While much of the focus has been on New York and New Jersey, other areas up north are also struggling to recover from Sandy.

10 News spoke with Red Cross volunteer Inaki Rezola, who is in West Virginia. He says this is the first hurricane response where he's battled a blizzard.

It's not water, but it's causing just as much damage. West Virginia is struggling to shovel out after Hurricane Sandy dumped nearly three feet of snow in some areas.

"We've had hundreds of thousands of individuals without power across the state. Schools have been shut down, homes have been impacted with roof collapses, trees and snow on top of it," says Rezola.

He says volunteers are helping people with their basic emergency needs.

"We've opened shelters across the state, supporting community shelters, we have mobile feeding. We have close to 30 mobile feeding response vehicles in the state."

West Virginians are used to snow. The problem with this storm is that they were hit with thick, wet snow in a short amount of time.

"I'm driving through the mountains and it looks like bombs have exploded on trees, so much of it is so heavy that it literally knocked the things down. There's been building collapses there have been things that have been impacted they're saying that has been very unusual," says Rezola.

He adds there's still a lot of work to do and volunteers will be there as long as necessary.

"There are still some communities where they have not been able to get in to see the residents, they're still shut out, and electricity may be out for at least another week."

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