Sex predator sweep: were they out on Halloween?

11:06 PM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- The sun sets. It's Halloween, a night of fright. Fun for children, but for detectives with the Hillsborough County Sexual Predator Unit, it's a special night.

"We're out here tonight to make sure that all sexual predators are where they are suppose to be and to make sure that they are following their sanctions," says Detective Cat Poynter.

The detectives are making sure sexual predators are in compliance, that their porch lights are off, and that they are displaying no Halloween decorations.

"If they have Halloween decorations up that means they are participating in Halloween. They're not allowed to have any signs, any pumpkins or any candy, or anything that will entice children to come to their door."

The list of predators is 1,700 long so there are many homes to check.

Detective Phil Numan goes door to door checking IDs. He searches the premises for anything illegal.

Because of a zero tolerance policy and the fact that all sexual predators have been warned a month prior about what is acceptable and what is not, there were no problems this night and, so far, no arrest. 

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