COPS: Deputies hunting husband, Christopher Belcher, who burned wife's body

6:27 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - The manhunt is on for Christopher Belcher, a Tampa man accused of killing his bride, Gwendolyn, then burning her body back in mid-September.

Belcher's wife was reported missing back on September 16. 

Then, one day later, her charred remains were found in a burned out car in Tampa. The only thing left was her skulls and fingers.

Gwendolyn's daughter, Octavia Hill, told 10 News, "He may be in south Carolina with his family; he may be in Virginia. He may be local here in Tampa. The question is, where is he?"

It is, indeed, the million dollar question from the family of Gwendolyn after the 43-year-old was murdered.  

Her family is pleading with everyone to give him up!

"Y'all should turn him in, he committed a heinous crime.  He took someone's life," said Octvaia. "Everyone, no matter where he's at, if you see Christopher Belcher, call 911- call your local authorities!"

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn's cousin, Theda Baldwin-Ortiz, had this to say about the husband, now wanted by authorities.  

"Christopher Belcher is going to live in a little living space for the rest of his life.  You're name isn't going to be Chris, it's going to be Christina.  Buddy, live your life!"

After Gwendolyn was reported missing just over a month ago and her skeletal remains were found one day later, her husband, Chris Belcher, was arrested.

But, it wasn't for murder.

Rather, it was for a domestic violence charge, since the couple had argued the weekend before and Chris Belcher allegedly slapped his wife in the face.   

The 43-year-old was subsequently released for lack of evidence, but there's enough now, and the manhunt is on. 

"I know the time is coming that he's gonna live in an itty, bitty living space- No motorcycles, no cars, no boats- Just living with someone named BoBo. That's all I've gotta say," said Ortiz.

The daughter of Christopher Belcher witnessed the horrific murder, according to family members. The child's mother is now terrified that Belcher will come after the daughter, so she took out a protection order to ensure the child's safety.

If you see Christopher Belcher, please call 911.

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