Mystery monkey sinks teeth into grandma

6:42 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - She isn't showing her face, but she is telling her story.  And, what a story it is!

A 60-year-old St. Pete grandmother has a harrowing tale and still can't believe this happened - she was attacked by a monkey and had to fight it off not once, but twice.

The woman was sitting on her porch Monday when she felt something grasping both sides of her waist behind her.  She thought it was her dog crawling up her back.

Turns out, it was a monkey!

The creature's claws traced the sides of her torso until the hands got up to her shoulders.  She turned around and was face to face with the animal.

She flung it off quickly, but it came back again and was even more aggressive.  The second time the monkey came back, it hopped on her back, pulled down her shirt, shoved her neck forward and bit down hard.

"I could hear it's teeth chattering. It was horrible," she said. 

Then, the monkey dug it's claws into her scalp and scraped across rapidly.  The woman was terrified and began screaming.  The struggle was up to 60 seconds, she said, and finally, she got rid of the animal and ran inside.

"He's still a wild animal and he is aggressive. I didn't do anything to provoke him. I was just sitting there. It crawled on my back and proceeded to bite me. I flipped him off; it proceeded to bite me, and I flung him off, but now he's still coming to my window and looking for me," the woman told 10 News.

That's right. The monkey stares at her through the window from room to room, even watching her shower through a skylight. She says she is now horrified, and suffering from anxiety. 

The woman's daughter says it was a terrifying experience for her mother. "This has been awful for her," the daughter told 10 News.

The victim is now going through multiple shots for Rabies, Hepatitis C and Herpes, all diseases the monkey can carry. The monkey has been near the house for more than a year, and the family says he's aggressive toward men.

As for the puncture wounds, they are all over her back. And, even though they have scabbed over, the fear is still fresh.

"Some of [the wounds] are superficial scratches, some are puncture wounds. It was traumatic for her. We have to take safety precautions," the daughter added.

As for the attack itself, the victim never expected it.  After all, the mystery monkey has been a bit of a mainstay in Tampa Bay for the last several years, often prompting jokes and a following on Facebook.

But, this time things are different, and the monkey is dangerous.

"I was in shock because he's been here about a year and a half that we know," said the victim.  "But they're still wild animals but they're still wild animals. I feel really bad. I do not want to see the monkey be shot or put down, but I would like to see him go to a community of his own kind because for a year he was more like a baby in a tree watching and observing."

There are traps set outside the victim's home to capture the monkey in a safe way. Again, the woman does not want the monkey killed, just caught.

Still, she doesn't like to go outside anymore, and the monkey watching her through the window makes her nervous all the time.    

"He does make me nervous now that he attacked me. It makes me nervous, and very frightened for my family, for neighbors, the neighbors' animals- my grandchild is very small."

Wildlife officials continue to monitor the traps. The monkey could be euthanized if caught.   

Experts say anyone who comes in contact with the monkey should not try and feed it, no matter how cute it looks. 

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