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DJ Steve Aoki helps Rock the Vote in Ybor

7:36 PM, Aug 29, 2012   |    comments
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YBOR CITY, Florida - To find potential young voters you have to go where they go, and know who they know, and at a Rock the Vote concert in Ybor City Tuesday everyone knew DJ Steve Aoki.

"He is pretty much the Mitt Romney," said Aoki fan David Vazquez.

DJ Aoki, who is a vocal Obama supporter by the way, was at the Republican National Convention trying to drum up young voters from all parties. The Electro Dance artist has millions of hits on YouTube and is known as one of the top 10 DJ's of all time.

"I want to help open that door to those who are not familiar with the whole process to speak their mind, to be heard," said Aoki.

Many of those here say they've never had an interest in politics.

"Especially a lot of students don't vote," said Alyssa Santana, a student at UT. "We're in an era when the youth don't feel like they have a voice."

Tonight organizers hope to help change all that.

"We're going to their shows, we're bringing their DJ's to events like this and we're exposing them to what it means to be registered to be active,"

With the Rock the Vote RV parked right outside UT student Eugenio Molerro is among those registering for the first time. For him it's about more than just signing up. He plans to help pick the next president.

"I wouldn't be on this bus if I wasn't going to vote," said Molerro.

The message seems to be getting through.

"I defiantly think it's going to get their minds started and get them thinking about voting for sure," said Santana. "Steve Aoki is an icon to us, so we'd defiantly listen to him."

"We are our future," says Vazquez. "We're going to take over our generation and if we don't start thinking about what's important, it's not going to be too great in the future."

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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