RNC visitors arrive in Tampa despite threat of Isaac

11:00 PM, Aug 24, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-- The RNC is kicking off at Tampa International, and visitors are already arriving.

Some Tampa Bay leaders are worried TS Isaac might scare some people away, but the RNC visitors we found are intrepid.

"We're from Idaho, we're tough. It'll take more than a storm to keep us away," said one woman.

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"I've been through hurricanes in the past. I can handle it," said another.

As visitors enter the landside terminal, volunteers greet them with a warm hello.

"Welcome to Tampa. Where are you from?" ask RNC welcome hosts. "Idaho, California, Virginia, Indiana" visitors reply back.

Information about Tampa Bay comes in the form of a free, glossy-cover magazine that celebrates everything the Bay area offers on both sides of the bay.  

Many visitors took a moment to flip through the magazine, sometimes asking questions about Tampa's most famous offerings. 

Among the questions, "Where is Bern's Steak House?"; "How far away is the beach?"; "Where can I get a good Tampa cigar?"; "Is Ybor City close to downtown?"; "Where are the strip clubs?"

Also arriving are hundreds of Red Cross volunteers, who, despite some long hours ahead, are excited to be here, and are bringing their own individual style.  

One man sporting an old-fashioned, barber shop, handle bar moustache, and another with green hair.  A woman with a dog in her bag, and one wearing stars and stripes arrived as well.

"People always ask about my moustache," said Bryan Wells, "It's certainly a conversation piece. "


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