Will Tropical Storm Isaac on RNC week hurt Tampa's image?

8:16 AM, Aug 25, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida -- This was supposed to be Tampa's week to shine in the national spotlight.

But Isaac may be threatening that.

The Don Vicente de Ybor hotel has been counting on the Republican National Convention to bring in more business.

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"I'm really happy that Tampa is seen for what it is.  All of its beauty, all of the great things to do, all of the attractions," said owner Tessa Shiver.

But the storm has the potential to negatively impact the region's reputation, especially if RNC events get interrupted.

As one person tweeted, "even if Isaac misses, the city is now viewed as a risky summer travel destination.  Opposite of what RNC was to achieve."

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USA Today travel reporter Ben Mutzabaugh says travelers can get turned away by hurricanes.

"If there's images of damage on TV, if the power is out, those are all types of things that make people say hey, that's not some place you want to go," he explained.

But Mutzabaugh cautions unless it's a Katrina or Andrew-type storm, there may not be long-lasting effects.

"I really don't think this is going to be an awful event for Tampa.  It's certainly one they wish wouldn't happen right now," he said.

Shiver points out Florida has dealt with hurricanes before and plenty of people still visit during the summer.

"I really think that it's not going to negatively effect Tampa at all," she said.

Much of that, though, may depend on how much chaos there is at the convention.

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