Mother brings back son from brink of death

11:06 AM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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HOLIDAY, Florida - On Sunday afternoon, the community pool at Weston Oaks Apartment complex was the place to be. It's located just west of U.S. 19 in Holiday.

Siobahn Foreman, a 26-year-old mother of two, lives in the complex. She said, "My neighbor comes over, he knocks on the door. 'Hey, you guys want to go to the pool?' Sure, we go to the pool all the time. Me and the kids were already ready."

Foreman's neighbor has a daughter too.

After 45 minutes of fun at the pool with the kids, Foreman asked her neighbor to keep an eye on her 3-year-old son, Jonah, while she walked right outside the gate to retrieve something from her car. The pool is visible from the parking lot.

Foreman said, "It was about 30 seconds, no more than a minute."

From outside the fence, as Foreman walked back towards the pool, she said she noticed her neighbor heading towards her son, calling out his name in the direction of the water.

She said she could see her child under the water, but all she could see was the crown of his head. Foreman said her son can swim a little, so she didn't immediately panic until she saw her neighbor take her son out of the water.

Foreman said, "He's blue. His lips are blue, his whole face is blue. And I'm saying, 'Jonah, Jonah, you know Mommy's here, Mommy's here,' and then his eyes rolled back in his head and his eyes close and for me panic sets in."

But not for long. She checked for a pulse and couldn't find one."So I immediately just start chest compressions, and I happen to be CPR certified because I work for a pediatric dentist."

Foreman said she learned so much from paramedics who visited her job. She said they taught her the differences in giving CPR to an infant, to a child, versus an adult. She never thought she'd have to use it.

She said she thought back then, "I will never remember this. It's just too much. But in that moment it just comes to you."

After an overnight hospital stay, Jonah is just fine, according to doctors, and didn't suffer brain damage. He was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.

Foreman said doctors have told her that her son's survival is truly a miracle. She remembers what was going through her head when she was giving her son CPR. "There is no way -- no way -- I'm going to let my baby die."

Foreman's neighbor has apologized over and over for what happened, she said. She said this was the first time she ever allowed someone other than a family member to watch her son in the water.

She plans to sign Jonah up for swimming lessons as soon as possible, but said she wants everyone to know how important it is to learn CPR.

"Every parent should do it."

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