Mandatory wanding in place at all Bucs home games

11:55 PM, Aug 17, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-- Bucs fans were wanded by metal detectors Friday at the Bucs preseason home game at Raymond James Stadium. 

The revised security procedures will be in place at all home games this season, as they are mandated by the NFL.

It eliminates the "pat downs" that caused controversy years ago. A high school teacher challenged them in court saying the measures were unconstitutional. However, a court ruled against that, and now fans will have to use to the metal detector wands.

"We think it's a positive experience, because it's less personal than the pat downs, and eventually it will go faster-- and it detects a great deal more," said spokesperson with the Tampa Sports Authority, Barbara Casey.

Some fans were okay with the new security procedure.

"I think it's a small inconvenience for safety in today's world," said Bucs season ticket holder, Gary Delk.

Others, though, think it's unnecessary.

"They're wanding 3-year-olds. C'mon. That's ridiculous," said Bucs fan, Dennis Mustain.

Everyone has to be wanded for every home game this season. This only applies to Bucs games.

Officials with the Tampa Sports Authority suggest that anyone planning on going to those games arrives earlier than usual, in case there are lines.

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